Building Development History early phase

Rising up

April 24 2013

View from the site hut we can now see Ground level rooms in foreground Ground level rooms

our new church rising from the ground and worship area in the background

End Wall View from the side looking across ground level rooms Looking through the ground level rooms

Ground Floor meeting room Looking across the worship area Other meeting room

Floor of the worship area Meeting rooms at both ends, toilets in the middle, vestry just to the right

The architect discussing exactly how she wants the finish to look, going into minute detail

Even down to using a nail brush Shape of the external wall worship area View from the side

March Foundation Progress

March 23 2013

The view through the viewing window Foundations can now be clearly seen Worship area foundations

Jumping around in cement These will never be seen again, hopefully

Carefully protecting the foundations from the cold

The rain water harvester which will collect A good view of the shape of the church The foundations

most of the rainwater from the site and adjoining building

Groundworks setting out

February 23 2013

Snow has now cleared and a steady stream If you look carefully you can see the shape More topsoil being removed. The underlying chalk

of lorries remove excess soil to enable the of the worship area was of poor quality which meant the builder had to

foundations to be laid go down much further than was anticipated to get

good anchorage for the foundations

This picture shows the depth of the soil and Groundworks underway A long sheet of black protective covering

chalk removed. Blue markers indicate where covers a piece of the foundations from the old church

foundations and shape of building will be which were left in place under the new church

Another view of the foundations A view showing the scale of the foundations Consultants and builders discussing the weather

using the digger as a guide

Markers set out for the foundations Another marker

See the poor quality chalk

Ground-breaking Ceremony 24th January 2013

On Thursday 24th January 2013 our minister, Revd Vindra Maraj-Ogden, and the majority of the team involved in the building of our new church gathered on a cold snow covered day to break the ground for the first stages of the building. Francesca Weal our architect, Tony Silver Quantity surveyor and the builders met at 10.30 am Whilst it was cold somehow no one seemed to mind. Every one was in such a happy frame of mind and there was a real feeling of God’s presence and team spirit.

We positioned Vindra in the very place the new worship area will be.

The digger first moved some snow away to enable Vindra to put the first spade into the ground. This was followed by a short dedication service as there is no actual official ceremony. This was very appreciated by all the team present.

This was then followed up with some lovely really happy photos of Vindra, colour co-ordinated of course, having some fun with the digger. Thankfully she did not drive it!

Vindra and Tony Silver, quantity surveyor Discussions just before the ground-breaking

with consultants in the background

Vindra in the exact place where the new worship area will be Colour co-ordinated Angel of the South

The digger that started the ground-breaking Vindra climbing into the digger

Vindra having fun in the digger

Vindra and the project team Vindra and the consultants and builders

Prayers of dedication The very beginning

These pictures were taken from a blog on the building project which also includes pictures of the demolition of the previous church which stood on the site

Vindra officially breaking the ground of the new church